The Just in Case Approach

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eReadia’s Just in Case approach is based in the principles of publishing for mobile devices, using all e-book formats as well as mobile applications (“apps”) to do so. Mobile devices are most useful when connected to a network; publishing for the mobile web takes advantage of this feature. At other times, rich graphics and game-like functions require a robust offline presence; “native” apps, or apps written to operate on each of the different mobile operating systems, are most popular when these are the requirements. The Just in Case app leverages our capability in the offline world of e-book publishing to enhance the widespread utility of our mobile web apps.

The mobile web has a number of distinct advantages over native publication. First, because the mobile web app launches in the browser of the mobile device, once it is published it can be viewed on iPhones, Android phones, iPads, netbooks, color Nooks, Kindle Fires, Kindle experimental web browsers, Android tablets, and the list goes on. This ubiquitous applicability accounts, in part, for the cost-effectiveness of mobile web apps. Native apps require different programming for different mobile platforms, each highly specialized, and so creation costs can be substantial for each separate platform.

Mobile web apps can also be updated easily through a simple web interface, and the updates appear immediately on users’ phones. This capability makes publishing alerts and updates, such as weather related closures or other emergency information, very straightforward.

Finally, the Just in Case approach provides for easy distribution of the app. The app can be opened and installed from a link in an email or on a website; it can be distributed via print materials such a brochures, posters around campus, business cards or postcards, or the website through the use of a printable QR (“quick response”) code. You can view the ideas developed for distribution in the past year by clicking here: Just in Case app distribution guide.

So, the Just in Case approach emphasizes reach, affordability, reliability, and customizability. We can have your institution up and running within ten business days, and the annual cost for design, updates, bandwidth and tech support is very reasonable.

Other details about the app may be found on the FAQ page, and the links to you need to sign up for the service can be found on the Getting Started page.