The Need

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Mental health crises among college-aged students lead to over 1,000 suicides per yer on college campuses. Virtually every campus wrestles with this problem. in addition, instances of violence against others on school campuses often ends with a suicidal act by the perpetrator. So the stakes are high when it comes to effective, early intervention strategies to head off these tragic events and to get help to the young people who need it most.

However, no single intervention has arisen to stem this tide. With the Just in Case app, deployed to smartphones all over campus, colleges can mobilize a network of informed students and faculty who have immediate access to the institution’s support and guidance when troubling signs appear. Never before have we had the tools to distribute this kind of information and guidance to people on a truly anytime, anywhere basis.

Join our network of Just in Case schools to bring this simple but powerful tool into your suicide prevention strategies on campus. We can help, both with guidance on most effective ways to use the app and with connections to peer institutions who are implementing the app.

For more details, check out the FAQ page on this site, and begin the process of obtaining your own customized Just in Case app on the Getting Started page.