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Miami University (OH) selected eReadia LLC to help it create a Just in Case app as a complement to its existing suicide prevention resources for its students. Working off the template provided by Just in Case, Kip Alishio, Director, Student Counseling Service, and Michelle Vargas, Project Coordinator for Suicide Awareness and Prevention, customized the mobile web app to reflect the range of services and resources available to students experiencing a mental health problem or seeing one emerging in a friend.

The app launched officially in the first week of September, and has had over 2,000 page views. By viewing detailed tracking data on the app provided through Google Analytics, Alishio, Vargas, and other school administrators can track which topics and resources are most accessed by students. This insight provides a pathway to improving resources over time.

The Just in Case app was initially designed by eReadia LLC president Will DeLamater and company co-founder Stephen Segal, who also serves as well as president of the Treatment Advocacy Center, a national non-profit working to help mentally ill people get treatment. Schools like Miami University then design around the framework; in Miami’s case, they added information about a gatekeeper training program that they encourage students to take.

A number of colleges and universities across the country are participating in the program. View a list of participating schools here:

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