How it works

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The first step in bringing a Just in Case app to your campus is to contact us to indicate interest. We will follow up with you to schedule a phone call or online demo to tell you more about how the app works and answer your questions. Then, if you decide to move forward, we will contact you for several key pieces of information:

1. We will need to know what instructions you want us to place in the “Getting help at [your institution]” section of the app. This should be written as concise instructions that will guide a student in crisis, a friend, a roommate, or an RA to the most immediately available resources on campus. If the default instruction is to call campus police when the crisis is immediate, that instruction should come at the top of the list. For less immediate needs, you may wish to list the regular counseling services available on campus, even providing office hours if you wish. If your instructions include having students call the national suicide hotline, simply indicate that and we will populate the app with the correct phone contact.

2. We will ask you to submit the local / on campus phone numbers you wish to place in the app. Your app has spots for two (2) call buttons on the front of the app; we will need to know the labels for each button (recommended 10 characters max) and the numbers each should ring. Then, you will be asked to provide phone numbers for each of the places in the app where making a call is recommended.

3. You will be asked to provide a color scheme and institutional logo for use in the app if the colors and images that we can obtain from your website are not the ones you want to use.

4. We will ask you for any other information about the content and design of your app that you can give us. For example, you may only want a single call button on the main page of the app; this kind of information will assist us in the design process.

5. You may also want to submit information regarding sexual assault response information, information for faculty, or any other information you want students to have available on their phones.

Click here to get started with your contact and institution’s information today!