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This is great. I could’ve used this app in high school when I was worried about a friend, but didn’t know where to go. Even though I am an adult and know how to contact services, this app will allow for easier access (and more anonymity). This is a great idea!” –University student, 2016

What is the Just in Case app?

The Just in Case app is a low-cost way to deliver a useful service to students who are at risk for a mental health crisis or suicide.   It is a mobile web app designed to work on a range of smartphone platforms.  It is distributed at the campus level and not through the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace. Students install the Just in Case icon with your name below it on the home screen of the phone (illustrated below).

With 18-24 year olds representing the highhomescreen_icon_shotest smartphone ownership among all age demographics, the smartphone is an ideal tool to deliver critical information and connect the student in a crisis situation with help. Its primary purpose is to facilitate connection with emergency response resources on and around campus.

Mental health professionals have helped to develop the basic app template and content, but this is just the starting place for schools that want to include their own content and customize the look and feel of the app to mesh with programs they already have in place.

How customized can I make it?
The app is built on our proprietary mobile publishing platform, which allows for a very high degree of customization. Current users have extended the basic Just in Case template (snap the QR code in the sidebar to view the template on your phone) by including additional information about counseling center hows and drop-in options, as well as contact information and instructions in case of  other potential crises that students might encounter, like alcohol poisoning or sexual assault. We provide the basic template and customize it according to your instructions, so that the app reflects your campus, your priorities, and your resources.

Why the partnership with NASPA?
eReadia LLC is pleased to partner with NASPA  to bring mobile coverage to as many college campuses as possible. Kevin Kruger, President of NASPA said of the partnership, “We think that the time for mobile delivery of these critical resources is here. Several recent high-profile cases have told us that support for a student undergoing crisis is critical on an ‘anywhere, anytime’ basis…. Student affairs administrators find themselves on the front-line of this battle, and we believe this tool that turns a smartphone into a lifeline for at-risk students and their concerned friends should be a part of every institution’s suicide prevention strategy.”

Read the complete press release here.

I have questions. Where can I call for answers?
Please contact eReadia president Will DeLamater at the number listed to the right in the sidebar or on the contact page.

Who is currently using the app and the mobile distribution approach?
Please see the list of this year’s participating colleges and universities here.

How much does it cost to participate?
The fees for participation is an annual fee, based on current enrollment.  It includes app customization with your school’s colors and logos, inclusion of a “How to get help at…” section that contains instructions for students tailored to your school’s resources and distribution strategies.  It also includes tech support, app hosting and maintenance, and bandwidth as appropriate.  Further, participating institutions will gain access to the NASPA – Just in Case network to share ideas, experience and best practices.

You can view the graduated pricing plan here. It is our intention that every college and university be able to participate in the program without regard to ability to pay.  If you have special circumstances, contact us. A portion of the revenue for every Just in Case app goes to support NASPA initiatives.

What if my school does not have hot-line counseling services?
If a school does not have a 24/7 hotline number, it is recommended that the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, an 800 number, be featured.

How do I get the app onto students’ phones?
The app is designed to be easily shared.  eReadia will provide each school with suggested distribution strategies including email, text message, QR codes, print material, and social media like Facebook and Twitter.  Schools are advised to incorporate distribution of the app into student orientation programs and to partner with on-campus service organizations to achieve high penetration rates.

How do I sign up?
Visit the Get Started page. There you will find a form where you can indicate your interest and authorize us to get the process started for you. Once we receive your information, we will contact you with a list of items to submit, including your school colors, logo, phone contact numbers, and text for the “Getting help at…” section.

Disclaimer : This app is recommended to be a component of a school’s suicide prevention strategy.  Its primary purpose is to facilitate connection with emergency response resources.  No representation is intended or implied as to its ability to prevent a suicidal act.  In addition, if cellular and Internet services are down or if a user’s cell phone is not functional, the app would also not function.