The Need

Mental health crises among college-aged students lead to over 1,000 suicides per yer on college campuses. Virtually every campus wrestles…

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Wow, this app is such a good idea! I feel like it could be a huge help to someone when they need quick answers. It is very cool to see [my school] caring about mental health enough to develop an app for it.  –University student, 2016

Help, A Touch Away

The Just in Case app makes it easy to provide potentially life-saving information to your students. Now there is a smartphone app that carries critical contact and support information specific to your campus to students on the device they have with them all the time, their phones. Highly accessible information is more likely to be acted on, “just in case” the need arises.

Prevent suicides. Turn a smartphone into a lifeline.

The app serves both the student encountering a mental health crisis and concerned roommates or friends. The app helps all students understand a mental health crisis and most critically, connects them to hotline emergency resources as needed. With Just in Case app, help is just a touch away…

Research shows that impulsivity plays an important role in suicide attempts. Providing the Just in Case app to your students says “We care.” Just the time it takes to flip through the resources on the app may help a vulnerable moment pass, and a conversation can begin.

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